Hello, I'm
Trevor Ogborn.

Thanks for being here. You’ll find examples of work that I’ve done for clients, as well as my own ventures and explorations.

" . . . because survival is insufficient."

Survival. It’s the core principle of all life as we know it. Take care of the basic needs of food, water, and shelter and you’ve got the recipe for survival. But that’s not enough. Humans throughout history have explored well beyond the boundaries of basic survival to make music that moves us, create art that influences us, and write words that inspire us.

 So why do I do what I do?
You already know the answer.

What I Do

Storytelling is all about relationships.

No matter what medium you’re working with, good storytelling is all about building a relationship between the audience and subject. It’s how we connect that audience with the product, person, place, or event they’ve chosen to experience through our writing, photography, and design.


Storytelling is at the core of our experiences. It’s how we capture the moments, the events, and the people around us.


Photography allows us to project ourselves into one another’s world. For even just a brief moment, we’re transported into the story. 


Design helps make media itself a journey. It holds meaning, makes us think, and sets the stage for the story it’s here to help tell.

About Me

I believe that . . .

Storytelling and clear communication are among the most powerful tools that businesses and organizations have. With a strong background in copywriting and multi-media production, I help businesses harness their story to craft results-driven messaging. From brand development to websites and content strategies, I use proven frameworks and tools to create meaningful marketing materials and plans.

I am a copywriter and multimedia marketer with experience with brand development, WordPress web design, Shopify eCommerce, email newsletter marketing, and more. Along the way, I’ve become an experienced photographer for food and product photography as well as weddings, portraits, and outdoor adventure. You can also count me as a graphic designer for logos, brochures, posters, and other forms of print and digital collateral.